For not from the east nor from the west nor from the south come promotion and lifting up.
But God is the Judge! He puts down one and lifts up another.
Psalms 75: 6,7 (AMPC)


At times you might feel suppressed & oppressed at your workplace for not being given the due promotion & salary for what you are worth.


Don’t lose heart.


It’s the God Almighty who lifts you up.
Keep working with all diligence and excellence as unto the Lord since it He who gave you this job and has kept you in this company.


Don’t look up to nor place your trust on any human being.
Don’t get involved in any gossip about your superiors or management.


God is the final judge of all things and He cares about every detail of your life, including your job.


Wait for Him and He will lift you up at the right time.

Lord God, who is your true north (your internal compass), will lift you up in the appointed time. Keep working for His glory.