Two weeks back, I was sitting in my office pantry with my friends and there were noises around me. My friends were cracking their own jokes and were laughing. But, my eyes kept drifting around and stopped at the door to the pantry, which had the sign – “Push” and “Pull”.

I was concentrating on the door and kept noticing everyone who pass through the door. Ten minutes passed by and nearly 10 to 15 members passed through that door, but none followed the signs in it. They were pushing where they have to pull and pulling where they have to push.

I am not right, even, I make the same mistake when I open such doors. We get confused with the terms ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’. Instantly, God started asking me questions. I felt as if He is whispering in my ears, “Carolin, how many times have you pulled the person into your life whom I wanted to push and how many times have you pushed someone when I desired to pull them in”

During my schooling, I was attached to a friend. Getting well with your friends is fine, but going beyond, it is non acceptable. I had my friend at the top where I have to keep God. God doesn’t let His position to anyone and no one can fill His place. GOD, graciously helped me to get out of that relationship. But, that was not the last time. I did the same mistake during my college and my first year of work. It was tough for me when God was pushing away the ones who I tried pulling in. Simply, it was God who won and I have to pay a huge price which I still regret for not obeying immediately.

Besides, there are examples in the Bible-

1. Samson, who heeded the voice of Delilah instead of God. God kept pushing Delilah away from Samson, but he continued pulling her in losing his eyes and his life.
2. Sarah, who pulled in Hagar into the life of Abraham and we know the outcomes.
3. Bathsebha who should have pushed David – instead she drew him in resulting in losing his first son.
4. Solomon, who should have pushed off the wives following the idols, instead pulled many which resulted in God splitting the kingdom in two after his generation.

And there are few good examples too:

Rahab, who pushed aside everything in her country to know the true God and to dwell with the people of Israel.
Ruth, who pulled herself towards her mother in law, though Naomi kept pushing her off.

And besides, there are situations when God wants us to pull people towards us, but what we do is we push them away from God. We become a blockage for them.

I remember a girl in a youth camp, who kept coming behind me to talk. I just kept avoiding her as I didn’t want to sit with her to talk. I thought it was a waste of time. But then, as she was following me everywhere, I have to sit with her. Only when I began talking to her, I came to know that she was planning for a suicide and was touched by my testimony so that she wanted to give a last try. I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself. Friends, if I haven’t talked with her that day, I would have lost a beautiful soul in the realm of God. I would have been the reason to drive her away from God.

And remember, our act sometimes pushes away people from God. Be deliberate with your words and act as you might be the Gospel to someone watching you.

On this day, as we are remembering the Resurrection of Christ, who came to this world just to pull us with His love to be in His kingdom, ask yourselves,

Have I been pulling the people in my life whom God desires to push away. Our circle is real important. Are we pulling the habits which are pushing us off from God. Are we pulling people towards God or pushing them out from God.

 Push away the things that are not desired by God which blocks the destiny of yours and pull yourself towards the God!!

God bless!